Einat Gil, Ph.D.Einat Gil

Design, lead & research innovation in Teaching & Learning

egil767@gmail.com, einat.gil@smkb.ac.il

A lecturer, consultant and a leader of innovation processes in teaching & learning in higher education. Director of the Center for Innovation & Learning Design and a lecturer at the Technologies in Education graduate program, the Kibbutzim College of Education. Previously the Head of Teaching Innovation division at Levinsky College of Education where I established Future Learning Spaces – vision, integration and R&D and led the foundation of the center for Simulations and Learning from Cases.

Formerly a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and the Fields Institute. My research focuses on teaching and learning in Future & Hybrid Learning Spaces as well as in Statistics Education, looking at how students learn with data in innovative learning environments. Some studies center around identifying teaching practices, design patterns and the emergence of new pedagogical models contributing both theory and practice.

Gil et al. 2022 Hybrid Learning Spaces
A new co-edited book: Hybrid Learning Spaces, Springer

Over the years I designed technology-enhanced learning environments for different audiences and was a senior designer at ORT Israel R&D center. My encounters with educational technologies along the years has taken different perspectives and angles: As a designer of course-wares and R&D’ing books and curriculum; as a school teacher, ICT coordinator and a higher education lecturer; as a student and a researcher of the learning sciences; and as the head of teaching innovation with responsibility for the academic staff in the college. These experiences, together with the value for education have contributed to my research, teachings, projects and leadership roles, allowing paths of creativity and insights.

* “Sviv” means around in Hebrew, and is also the main part of the word environment (sviva). “Lemida” means learning; Thus, svivlemida means:  “in and about learning”, which is my passion.