Academic courses 

Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, Faculty for Education

  • Designing learning environments & spaces international course (2022, M.Ed. Technologies in Education program)
  • Leading Innovative pedagogy (2021, M.Ed. Technologies in Education program)
  • Curriculum planning with an emphasis on learning design  (2020-22, B.Ed.)

Levinsky College of Education, Faculty for Education

  • Innovative pedagogies (2018-19, 2019-20, Principal education program)
  • Qualitative research methods (2018-19, B.Ed.)
  • Teaching and learning in future learning spaces (FLS; 2018-2020, M.Ed & M.Teach)
  • Project-Based learning (PBL; 2016-20, M.Ed &/or M.Teach)
  • Design-based research (2017, 2019-20, M.Ed &/or M.Teach)

Teachers’ Professional Development Courses and workshops

The University of Haifa, Continued Education 

  • A leading, innovating teacher (7-9) for school teachers and ICT coordinators (Course, co-instruction, 2013)
  • Inquiry-based learning and design of learning environments in teaching and learning with technology for ICT school coordinators (two workshops, 2012)
  • Excellence-promoting teachers (Course, co-instruction, 2010)

Levinsky College of Education,  The Center for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching:

  • Various workshops and 1 on 1 instruction on teaching innovation and integrating Future Learning Spaces (9/2016-today)